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Meizu breakdown of peace talks with the Chinese version of Apple's iPhone has been banned in China

Entitled "Chinese version of iPhone", "made the most intelligent machines" and other famous Meizu M8 phone, usher in a history of being the biggest crisis.

Meizu forum yesterday, the company president Huang Zhang (J. Wong) posted to the user confirmed that the alleged infringement Meizu M8 iPhone design patent, Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the mercy of the sea under pressure from the domestic knowledge M8 departments have been ordered to stop production of property rights.
At present, for Meizu agents and specialty stores nationwide, the existing 5 million stock Meizu M8 M9 whether new models can sustain to the end of the listing, will be a great test. However, a large number of users in the country to help their brains to think about how Meizu "reverse the verdict", but also challenged the industry to reporters that Apple blocked the legal process from the point of view Meizu events surviving many doubts, many of them may be speculation.

Meizu breakdown of peace talks with Apple

"Because they stole our ideasand intellectual property (because they are stealing our ideas and intellectual property)." As Apple CEO Steve Jobs an email Xi Zi, such as gold, Meizu and Apple's peace talks broke down completely. Meizu development team when a member of his letter to Jobs asking why the pain under the ruthless hand, was the reply.

Meizu Technology (meizu) was established in March 2003, is headquartered in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, to MP3 quickly started to make a transition in 2006 mobile phone. The subsequent launch of a revolutionary product M8 with unique designs and mature system, once touted in the country caused frenzy, attracting a large number of fans lining up to buy through the night, was hailed as "the Chinese version of iPhone", "made the most intelligent machine", Meizu even among the star of the local enterprises in Zhuhai.

As also Xiao, Xiao He also lost. Meizu M8 and the iPhone is highly similar appearance, led to Apple's alert and fight back. The industry mainstream view, M8 in the design of conceptual iPhone does a lot of reference elements, the final appearance and is particularly similar to the i-Phone 3G, Apple eventually lead to the appearance of the grounds of patent infringement, intellectual property rights to the Meizu wielded a big stick.

"I made a mistake out of control almost ruined Meizu." Meizu CEO Huang Zhang (J. Wong) posted in the forum confirmed that the appearance of the alleged infringement, M8 has been ordered to stop the relevant departments. "Apple this month cut-off requirements of M8, we agreed to stop selling and go back requirements." J. Wong said that the current Meizu M8 is the only one in the sale of mobile phone products, and new products to the end of December the earliest M9 can be listed He will be listed as soon as possible to promote the latter has to make up for the loss of free time.

Apple Meizu or for rescission of the patent?

Reporter learned from informed sources, the current national inventory Meizu M8 about 5 million units. M9 shortest end of the year on sale two months time, for its agents and specialty stores nationwide, the holding out of print in the mind of consumers buying rush, the 50,000 machines to digest it very quickly. How the case of declining sales in pay shop rent, no doubt will be a tough winter.

In fact, the Meizu seems to have for long been the outcome of relentless foreboding, but unwilling. "Some time ago, and Apple negotiations, other inconsistencies insatiable I am disgusted." J. Wong Post said that although the Meizu M8 later than the Apple patent application for a patent for a month, a large touch screen mobile phone terminal can not serve as a unique knowledge of the appearance of property rights to apply, and as a means of exclusion of other vendors.

The legal profession that, in accordance with relevant provisions of the Patent Law, patent infringer manufactured products, and ordered to immediately stop the manufacture of behavior, destruction of infringing products, special equipment manufacturing, mold, and may not sell, the use of infringing products not sold or in any other in the form of its market, and ordered to immediately stop using the act, destruction of special equipment for the implementation of the patented process, the mold. "Meizu M8 is to continue to sell stock, need to see whether the release of the relevant regulatory authorities. Even Meizu appeal the decision during the proceedings did not stop the execution."

The reporters also noted that there are versed in the laws of hardcore users in the forum suggested to J. Wong, Meizu may jointly bigger screen mobile phone manufacturers, along with the appearance of Apple's patent for rescission. "Revocation reason is very simple appearance of the product itself, Apple phone, but the general performance of large-screen mobile phone forms. Once the act itself can not promote, or hinder the advancement of technology trends, this patent would be no longer necessary. If you talk revocation of the patent, can block the force of law enforcement. want to force the law enforcement, such as withdrawal of the appeal decision to come out right. "This user recommendations repeatedly made by Meizu Apple's patents revoked sufficient time delay, waiting for M9 listed.

Some people have questioned whether the law speculation

"With Apple's revocation proceedings is unlikely that a design patent." Shanghai Grand State Intellectual Property Law Law Firm told reporters Yunting, the appearance of the first generation iPhone was indeed created in the touch-screen smart phone pioneer manufacturer before any This success, is Apple's intellectual property rights. Unless it can prove that the Apple before Meizu manufacturers have used this form, but apparently not likely. As for the "hamper development of the industry," the patent on grounds of revocation request Yunting that Apple design patent protection for 10 years, into the public domain after the rest of the industry can be used.

"Integrated current situation, no shortage of hype behind this suspect." Yunting said, according to legal process, usually in the rights of foreign companies, will sell the infringing products to make a complaint to the Intellectual Property Office, the Intellectual Property Investigation Bureau will be conducted , and then issued administrative penalties to the violation notice enterprises, but generally does not directly effect such notification, but allow the other party has the right to administrative proceedings, rather than directly lockout. While another said the industry declined to be named, Meizu is quite well known in the business of Zhuhai, the local government from the perspective of GDP, also less likely to block the decision lightly. Yunting doubt that Meizu does not rule out by Apple to hype the upcoming warm-M9. "Even if the M8 all the shutdown, all deployed to the production line M9, ship old products, new products fill the market, just to fill the vacancy."

For the above questions, J. Wong also in the forum are vague reply: "Apple is a big company officials say, the expense of a small company does not matter internally.", "I make concessions in the hope that they can see our sincerity just leave. "



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