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IPhone4 cheaper than the cost of exposure of the Nokia N8

Symbian ^ 3 as the first systems equipped with smart phone, the Nokia N8 not only has a high degree of popularity and attention, and the world premier of the aircraft in the country is well received. Nokia N8 licensed version only because the retail price is too high to give the feeling discouraged, so this phone is worth the cost in the end he became a geometric focus of attention. Recently, the market research firm iSuppli the answer. The report states that according to them, the cost of mobile phone parts Nokia N8 total of $ 187.47, and Apple's iPhone 4 parts of approximately $ 187.51 cost of the phone basically nearly tied.
The Nokia N8 iSuppli parts given the main basis for cost price as Apple iPhone4, they also come from the dismantling of the Nokia N8. According to iSuppli, a research report, Nokia N8 use of materials and parts suppliers including Samsung Electronics, Toshiba and Texas Instruments. Among them, the Nokia N8 in the entire part of the cost of the most expensive displays and touch-screen, the total cost of $ 39.25, which is somewhat similar to Apple iPhone4. However, the display driver may not contain part of the reason, Apple iPhone4 produced by the LG Display 3.5-inch touch screen, although the higher resolution, and is boasting unusually powerful, but its cost is only $ 28.5. The Nokia N8 3.5 inch AMOLED touch-screen provided by Samsung, which may result in higher cost of one of the reasons. In addition, it is responsible for the operation of the operating system and applications for the $ 22 of the chips, this chip set, including Texas Instruments (TI) digital production and simulation processors and Broadcom's multimedia processor, responsible for high HDTV output HDMI.
IPhone4 cheaper than the cost of exposure of the Nokia N8
As for other parts of the Nokia N8 costs also include mass storage 16GB of memory, the cost is $ 37.12, and claims more than an ordinary digital camera CMOS sensor size of the 12 million pixel camera, compared with $ 31.08 the cost of parts. However, compared to Apple iPhone4 by their own design, Samsung is about $ 10.75 A production of the A4 processor, jointly developed by Nokia and Freescale processors RAPUYAMA cost price is not disclosed, but as homegrown model So that should also not too expensive. It should be noted that, although the cost of a cell phone seems to appear relatively low, but iSuppli estimates the cost of the Nokia N8 does not include human resources, transportation, advertising, software development and licensing fees cost. Thus, while high-end smart phone for mobile phone manufacturers to bring huge profits is an undeniable fact, but not with the parts cost simple addition and subtraction multiplication and division to get the profit data.
Currently, the Nokia N8 has been on sale in the mainland market, but some high in the sales price, the "Feng Zhi Zun is still" limited edition and the "elite music action" limited edition though a slight increase in the accessories, but the sales price or, respectively, the 5,728 yuan and 4,868 yuan, compared with iPhone4 licensed and not much price advantage. As has been started on October 6 licensed predefined Nokia N8, compared with only 3,988 Hong Kong dollars in Hong Kong the official offer, only about RMB 3440 yuan or so, a number expected to purchase in the future will become the first choice. However, Nokia N8 licensed arrival time in Hong Kong is somewhat disappointing, the need to Nov. 3 to reach the user. It is reported that the Nokia N8 will provide green, silver, gray and other color models of three choices, standard mobile phone battery BL-4D, CA-179 cable, WH-701 stereo headset, AC-10C travel charger, USB OTG data Line CA-157, Quick Start guide.



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