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iPhone4 a "signal gate" very low

October 11 message, Wang Yong, general manager of ZTE's Tablet PC interview today between guest Artesyn Technologies, said Apple iPhone4 a "signal gate", this error is very low. Yong further explained that Apple is shifted from the IT enterprise mobile device manufacturers lead to this error. Because communications companies give priority to ensuring the smooth flow of conversation.
Yong believes that the factors that determine the development of China's 3G technology is not, nor is it terminal, but the idea of the general public.
Yong also said the 3G, 4G era, great changes have taken place in application mode, content and applications are indispensable, there is no application, is a pure hardware platform.
2010 China International Communication and Information Fair October 11-15 in Beijing, this General Assembly's theme is "Leading the development of innovative, integrated achievements of the future", will triple play, 3G applications, 4G forward-looking technology development, networking and other communication materials discuss hot industry, Tencent Technology set up an interview room at the scene, inviting the industry's analysis of industry experts and business representatives present situation, talk about industry prospects. The following is an interview with Wang Yong, ZTE Record:
Moderator: Tencent users Hello everyone, here is the 2010 China International Exhibition site, we have been fortunate to ZTE guest Mr. Wang Yong, general manager of Tablet PC Tencent we live, the following are the king always say hello to the majority of users .
Wang Yong: netizens Hello everybody, I'm from Wang Yong, ZTE, very pleased to share with you together to share something about the content of communications.
Moderator: Would you come this year, how many times to participate in this communication show up?
Wang Yong: I have participated for several years, and each time came.
Moderator: Let's show is back this year, we communicate the old State Fair, you should be quite familiar, you look at the content and form, you feel the same as last year, what is the place?
Wang Yong: I feel the biggest difference is that this year more emphasis on technology integration, and technology in the application of some aspects of experience can give users some of the changes, more emphasis on this aspect.
Moderator: Let's ZTE whole situation and new situation can be about it?
Wang Yong: We show this time is in accordance with the development trend, we also highlight some particular application, such as 3G technology, 4G technology, how people live and work in them to give us some change, this is our show this year, which is very important content. So that we truly feel the communication technology to give us some value.
The second is the product of the number of converged devices, a variety of techniques, a means of integration, this is also an element of the focus of our show.
Moderator: Last year we enter the 3G in China is the first year, but last year the situation is on the card to obtain a development position, let's ZTE has also been made in this great achievement, but returned to the evaluation of the industry In fact, the type of 3G is still hampered development, do you think the current development of 3G terminals to which extent it has? What will the future development of the characteristics?
Wang Yong: Actually speaking, I think the decision is not a factor in the development of 3G technology, nor is it terminal, mainly our philosophy, I think this is the rationale for its decision to our 3G development. Now, like many foreign countries such as 3G penetration have been, as Japan has close to 100%, and 98%, 99%, you end affected if the development of 3G, obviously not, it has a very rich terminal, and now 3G terminal is very large. So why say that we like the slow development of the Chinese market this end it? After all, this one is a 3G only started it last year, we have a trial and error process. The second I think we in the 3G development of the concept above, may also have some wait and see. 3G and 2G in fact does have a very big difference, 2G era of 3G mobile terminal determines the development of its business, but the 3G era, in fact there are many, many of the terminal, which is pass a suitable product as a medium, it can into a 3G terminal, for example, we used a laptop, you only spend very little cost to buy a wireless data card, it becomes 3G terminals, so the 3G terminal are all around us. We are all used as PSP, MP4, ipad and so this product, if no suitable product, they are an ordinary terminal, but if we use the newly developed U × × products, it can connect five uFi equipment, you can take a high price, you can put them all into a 3G terminal end, so in fact the 3G terminal are all around us, the key to see how you activate it.
Moderator: You said an activation, just talk to the new products we ZTE, would you do?
Wang Yong: Well, inside it, in fact, we are now in the mobile broadband area, we put our products, should be concerned, for different users, divided into three categories, one is for individual users, then the individuals he What are the hands of the terminal, we can look at the hands of individual users, first, that he have a laptop, the second for his entertainment he may still use the product, then we will provide what kind of products? First, the wireless network card, wireless laptop computers can be quickly converted into 3G terminal, you do not need to buy a mobile phone, it is a 3G terminal.
Our latest development of the second uFi, this innovative wireless Internet access products, uFi products do, and now we in the United States, Japan and so has a very good sales. Then the product is, it adopted and 3G network connectivity, and the operator's network connection, and we do it through the wifi connection of existing equipment, which can immediately change the users. For instance, we PSP, you play games on the original, but with this product, you can browse the Internet with the PSP, you can go directly to the Internet to download your game, and even to do with your friends online games. So this is actually the number of 3G terminal equipment, is multiplied, massive outbreaks. But we are now, how about it? Rationale for its decision so that the development of our 3G, but now we still think the whole mindset, how to sell my 3G phones go? I want to be down to how much the cost of 3G phones to be able to more active users? 3G mobile phone is indeed a very important 3G terminals, but it has been different with the 2G, it is not all there. We are concerned about 3G mobile phones, we also should pay attention to how the user's now have a wide range of terminals, through the relatively small cost, it activated, activate the hands of the 3G terminal, I think it is an important initial stage of our way.
Moderator: We ZTE is doing?
Wang Yong: Yes, so we are planning the above products, of course, the development of our 3G mobile phone is also very good. However, we also come committed to that, thinking, everyone has so many hands end, we adopted what technical means to activate the terminal, allowing users to price is not high, and be able to enjoy more services, it is We are now doing, which is a large class, just said for personal users.
Second, for a number of home users, including small and medium users, there is a need, we call converged terminals, converged end what is it? In fact, there are now many families, many SMEs, their access to the Internet, they are mainly called the cable broadband through it, but with the technology, many users also need to have him, because I now have a mobile, I a fixed product, I need to run multiple packages, I need for the different operators, or that a carrier with a different package, so that the consumers in terms of hard to accept, so that a course of running your phone , of running a package on the card to buy a tablet PC, you have handed down a set, you hand there are numerous packages, consumers can not accept.
Then we will hope that through a fusion of class products to solve your mobile and fixed, or the integration of multiple technologies between terminals, users only need to do a set menu. Whether you are at home, or in the mobile process, you can get the same service, which is what we are doing. Well, this service does, and now our plan is to push the two main categories of products, a large class of product is combined with our TV, because TV is every household, we have a thought, as far as possible the activation of each person, each family existing terminal, you do not let you go repeat investment, I passed a relatively small cost of the product, as far as possible into your existing terminal once the terminal for a 3G or 4G, it is easy to buy your original TV buy, and I do? We have a product, it is combination of wired, wireless, and even we will also include family security, then how to solve security problems? Then we have a product and our TV is connected, first, to solve the problem of information of your information, you can enjoy the 3G, 4G service, and the TV inside your house it had become a 3G terminal It is an information terminal, and then home entertainment, family education, home security, including even after we include your phone, I give you all through the integration of products into the solution, including your TV's video, multi-network integration , all together, regardless of the Internet, or watch other TV shows, you can see. The product end of the year we will be in Europe.
Moderator: That in the home?
Wang Yong: China, we need to keep up communication between operators and then, because the 3G is actually the Chinese market is still in relatively early stage, and now the current situation, from the Chinese market is concerned, and we may be more concerned about is, how can I put the original 2G into 3G mobile phone users, our focus of development here. In fact, do not focus on, how to put some variety of flexible products, to the existing terminals are activated, the train of thought I think there is something different. So the family inside, we have a terminal, what we call pure channel class terminal, that you access in the home, in fact, you may have experience inside your home, you may want to sit in bed, before going to bed on the Internet, Some people want to sit in the living room on the Internet, it is clear to you in terms of broadband cable, the limitations of relatively large, wired broadband it, often we have to sit in his study, sitting in a fixed position on the use, when you need sitting cross-legged on the sofa, when you need to access the Internet when in bed, it becomes inconvenient. Then we end by fusing class, after the combination of wired and wireless, so that any point of your home, even when eating in a restaurant, you will not lose out any information. Through integration of the terminal, and then coupled with the mobile terminal, you put a computer randomly put on the table, you can read the news network, you can see you like to watch the programs, information and entertainment on everywhere, this is our converged terminal problem to be solved, this is the second largest we say.
The third category is for industrial applications, this is not to say, there may be many users are consumers. But there is also much that is in fact the application of 3G, which in industrial applications, as we have now we talk a lot of mobile Internet, etc., is a kind of industrial applications.
Moderator: Just talk from the king of the total, we can understand a word, to a stand and I tilt the earth, ZTE not find one, but found a number of pivot. Let's return to the development of this terminal, then back to see if the hardware is now more of the main terminal area, for example in the application, there are some more such as content development, ZTE what we can about it?
Wang Yong: We 3G, 4G era came, did the application mode, great changes have taken place, content and applications has become a very important aspect of an experience, there is no application, hardware platform is a pure, so In this piece, we also set up a special department, carrying out this work, including some from the research and development platform, including integration of external resources, we are already in operation.
In fact, if after the purchase of our products, such as we have this product.
Moderator: I just noticed that you have a new product, you can tell us about it?
Wang Yong: Yes, this is a new type of tablet PCs, right, of course it, we prefer to call it business as an Internet terminal, because the tablet PC itself does, in fact, there are many IT tablet inside the property, but Now we are talking about a triple play, IT networks, communication network, broadcasting network. In fact, this product does, its features is that it eventually be able to come in a lot of Internet business integration. We just asked you to have any planning application platform, in fact, be able to use our experience to this product, because in many applications have been integrated inside the business, not just a hardware thing, and it looks very beautiful .
Moderator: Let the product, because the current in the smart platform, there are many different types of systems, then this is the use of what we do?
Wang Yong: This paragraph is used in Android's. Since our company is in the position to do customized for operators of such a terminal manufacturers, including the addition to Android, other operating systems, we according to the requirements of different operators, we will provide that this paragraph is Android, the upcoming In the listing it in Europe, CIS, Asia, including China this year will be listed.
Moderator: We are using the network connection how to?
Wang Yong: 3G, this product one you can, which is embedded inside the 3G, so it can be directly through the 3G, you can enjoy this service, but it also provides a way wifi connection, so you can at home, when in the office, etc., etc., can be connected.
Moderator: It seems from the end product we also found, but also represents a trend in the form of the mobile terminal is also rich, then in the future 3G, and even the 4G era, what we have in the finished project? Or LTE this?
Wang Yong: Yes, actually I have talked about our different areas of the mobile broadband user base, has talked about the big ideas of the. Then I add that to just take this problem then, and then emphasize LTE, LTE is a very topical at present a hot, its greatest feature is that speed up again, and again the speed of your network speed, it is the biggest feature to here.
In addition to this speed of course, beyond its initial business inside, one thing is very critical factor, what factors? Is because they have so many existing network and terminal products, in fact, it is the same as how to develop it? LTE is still to be considered here, how to activate the existing stock of the terminal to enjoy the LTE service, which is the development of our products is an important idea. Therefore, the development of our products above, we pioneered the world's first commercial LTE multi-terminal membrane, including LTE and two more films set films of this product, now in October, has been officially released in Hong Kong the. Why do many films, or the idea? Your LTE network construction can not be built in a day, it is certainly the beginning of the coverage point-like, if we the consumers in the use of the process, could not accept that I can sit here online, I can not change position access to the Internet, he could not accept. That I have to use my existing network resources have been invested, including my equipment and terminals, you can not say you LTE on it, I also can not the original use of 3G terminals, and that does not work. So we have to consider this too, so we should be the first to introduce this global first released, and now many of LTE terminals are single membrane, there is a big problem on the user experience, this is one of our first products, this is a thought, LTE.
At the same time, or we have just mentioned, in addition to the other, we LTE which has now been launched nearly four classes end models, including the integration of the terminal, network cards, including the Internet business that we are talking terminal to the type of Tablet PC , including the modules, which I have just talked about industrial applications, not to start talks with everyone, we have a very basic modules that communication module, communication module that is a whole community based things, and only with this module You can go high-speed networks to connect to information, it is a very core thing, these types of products we are ready at any time until the national industrial policy allowed.
Moderator: Speaking of modules, we are very interested Tencent users, today a limited time. That we look at new products, we ZTE push these products, we now Apple PK, Wang You think we ZTE advantage?
Wang Yong: I want to micro and macro level, this issue, start with the microscopic point of view, in particular, consumers will buy products, you ipad this and what is the difference? First, our biggest difference is that it is a more portable, and I in a foreign country compared with many of our customers, it is too big, and it has many limitations and heavy, you see a long time, hands tired, that when we design special consideration to this point, it is more portable.
Moderator: our products now weigh?
Wang Yong: ipad about half the weight.
Moderator: more than four K.
Wang Yong: Yes, this is one of its great features, you see we can carry, and even into my suit pocket will do. We are now a lot of girls who like to back what little bag, ipad not let go, this can be put to, so more portable.
Moderator: It may be a feature of fashion goods.
Wang Yong: Yes, it is more stylish, easier to use, this is a feature. The second characteristic is it? This is because of its portability, in fact, gives users a lot of different application scenarios, such as for the car's GPS, is clearly the Jiuzheng appropriate. And we built the GPS, you can always online, such as car this scenario. For example, business meetings, I put this into the pocket, and need to come to, write notes, or can, ipad your business meeting clearly inappropriate, so this a great convenience.
There are many occasions, due to its portability has resulted in many scenarios are not available ipad. I went to Japan, they also ask me what the difference with the ipad, especially when many consumers are asked.
Third, I think it is important that this product will be better support for Internet applications, why do I say it? Based on N × × operating system, because we all know, Google Inc., which is pure Internet company, a lot of technical support on the Internet, will do some of the more poor, the current Apple ipad system is unique. For example, Apple's products do not support flash, right. Say that it will be better support for Internet applications, it is more open, I think there are several, from the microscopic point of view of products, there are several different.
From a macro terms, in fact I particularly want to emphasize that, in fact, related to the whole, the industry is now in the integration process among several issues, IT, in fact, Apple is the IT industry representatives, and its products more biased in favor of IT products So when he came ipad introduction, we prefer to call it a Tablet PC, Tablet PC of course, the term we may accept it, it does not matter. However, in terms of communications companies, we are telecommunications companies, but also in initiating fusion, then where is our advantage? Our strength lies in communication technology, such as you these products, if you do not 3G, you can not access the Internet, which we technically, that is my first time at the global launch of LTE, Tablet PC, and I the first time in the worldwide launch of HSPA × ×, we now support the PA × × has four megabytes of data cards have been out, we were able to launch 42 trillion in the global flat-panel computer that I reflect my more obvious characteristics of mobile Internet , and Apple that he can not do this, this is a very big difference between us, that is, the connection speed above.
That little episode, iPhone just listed, there have been signals the door, if it is a communications company can not make such mistakes, hand on the antenna signal, who has always been sensitive, the hand on the antenna, the signal can OK? This is a very low-level error, so Apple's products say it may be more suitable for a small computer, but as we do out of the company, perhaps in the shape are similar, but in the Internet the above, especially in the Internet communications, we has the absolute advantage.
Moderator: That Wang, do you expect this product's market performance is what? How much is it now?
Wang Yong: Price is very sorry, can not say that because we are still in the Chinese market and carrier communication, then in the international market, this reflects the very good, because our products are just a prototype, it already become a major operators compete for the object in the international market, now under the operator gave us a lot of orders, ah, like Europe, Russia, ah, ah, and so Japan, including many Asian carriers have been given us place an order by.
Moderator: The number of orders can say about it?
Wang Yong: now is not convenient to disclose.
Moderator: OK, today because of the time, interviews to this end, we are very grateful to Wang guest to our studio, thank you.



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