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Poor Jian's apple

Kelian Jian's apple
With a "apple" can transform your iPod on the iPhone

Magic magic due to the inventor of the two roots of obsession.

□ Text / correspondents Tang Liang

iPODTouch change iPhone, almost no warning, an "apple" product turned out, highly respected.

"Apple" is somewhat similar to iPod Touch coat, but carried on the back button of its own communication module, can use the SIM card, iPod Touch phone, SMS, GPRS Internet access, and the iPhone has the same form and function. China Unicom (5.08,0.07,1.40%) released iPhone 3GS 32GB price of 6999 yuan, while relying on "apple", Apple fans need to spend 2,000 yuan can only have an iPhone, this is the "apple" have to fire reasons.

However, with the "apple" in the hot, its two grass-roots inventors future is uncertain.

They are 22-year-old and 25 year-old Pan Yong Pan Lei, brothers born in Xinyang, Henan. Pan Beach is very restless childhood, the most troublesome part of China school students in a class, performance last, but obsessed with the computer.

After graduating University of software development, Pan Yong worked at a small electronics company in Shenzhen, low wages, live frugally six months to buy a beloved iPhone side of mobile phone, did not expect the machine hung up after a week. From the Chinese people in general logic, such as the Pan Beach is not the use of rags iPhone, much less to build a iPhone. But do not think Pan Beach.

Pan Yong think, iPod Touch and iPhone are very similar, but can not talk and send text messages. If the converted iPod Touch iPhone, can have a cheap iPhone.

Thus, Pan Beach began to draw up their own minds iPhone dream. Die design from the circuit board to learn from scratch, he found abroad by Google engineers, Qian Xin ask, and the other all you know. When in March 2009 Google out of China, Pan Beach began to find China through Baidu engineers consult the responses received was "to much money."

Of course no one would help a "mixed kid," Moreover, he was mad enough to resign in December 2009 made a dream! Pan swimming obsession only touched his Gege Pan Lei, which the company from operating out of funding the renovation effort to help, this is also arguing with his virtuous wife several times. My brother made for the iPod Touch to make a case to make it into iPhone integrated solution, which is the later "apple."

July 2010, "apple 520" successfully developed, the brothers succeeded. Soon, the major site crazy Biography "apple" video, in waves of netizens exclaimed, the brothers also received great respect and praise. They are ready to register "derivatives technology" company, specialized production, "apple", excitement and even forget to check into "derived technology company" in fact already exists.

The brothers also neglected one thing - run rampant cottage. "Apple" came just two weeks later, a similar product called Tphone rushed to market in Zhongguancun (8.35,0.00,0.00%), Shenzhen Huaqiang (9.27,0.09,0.98%) North. Unfortunately, the brothers did not apply for a patent for their invention - even if the application must also run one year, when the cottage products already dominate the market. Even if the brothers immediately put into production, but also requires five million start-up capital, batteries, motherboards, communications, housing, assembly and other areas all need foundry support. In fact only the poor brothers of 10 million, found a small factory, making money out of the 200 "apple" and only 60 can be used.

The point is, Apple and the iPhone into China's Unicom to treat the "apple" of the hot, they will not be prosecuted for infringing the brothers do? Pan Lei had told this reporter, maybe I should go to jail in October. More unfortunately, not an angel investor support from start to finish, hard to believe that the brothers could have any new good ideas.

Before the wolf, after the tiger, but also to Dances with Wolves, which is swimming with Pan Lei Pan the moment. They are still "poor boy" and "mixed Kid", "apple" is not brought them wealth, at least not in a limited future.

Perhaps, the brothers have realized that their most valuable possession is their creativity, and this is what is most lacking in the spirit of the Chinese manufacturing industry.


Apple iPad Tablet PC News

Apple iPad tablet PC as a recent most popular digital products, although it can not receive calls like the Apple iPhone did, but it is known as large since the iPhone's release and has since been the concern of global users, from the challenge to market hot suffering, Apple At least the charm of iPad has conquered many U.S. users, who for a variety of stylish use. Apple iPad tablet is enough to buy a computer and can get the original price of 228 198 yuan a pair of headphones, with the headset you will be able to achieve Apple iPad tablet computer telephony features, but also so what, heart on the action bar, seven eleven music, shopping mall YORK happiest.

Shape followed the design of Apple's consistent style, appearance is quite simple Apple iPhone, color, in particular, its fuselage is only one Home key, and fuselage are occupying huge screen, the visual effect is quite shaken. Was brushed back, the back, working fine. Apple iPad thin body, and its dimensions height of about 242.8 mm, width of about 189.7 mm, the thickness of only 13.4 mm. The screen is equipped with a 9.7-inch LED-backlit IPS material and touch screen, resolution of 1024X * 768 pixels, the screen fingerprint-resistant surface coated with oil resistant coating that can effectively lower the contamination of the fingerprint, and supports multi-touch and gravity Induction

Configuration is still doing a great job, iPad developed using Apple's A4, 1GHz processor, low power consumption, speed is smooth, you can easily complete the picture browsing, zoom, drag and other operations, the standard Apple iPad increase IEEE802.11n support the transmission rate can be from the current WLAN 802.11a and 802.11g provides 54Mbps, 300Mbps or even increased to as high as 600Mbps. wifi version that only supports Wi-Fi network, and later on the 3G version, that is, an increase in the network and more network support for GSM / EDGE / WCDMA / HSDPA network support.

Interfaces is also good, a multi-in-1 card reader, a VGA video output port I / O Interface: Dock connector port, 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack, built-in speaker, microphone, SIM card holder (only Wi- Fi 3G models), in general, be regarded as a moderate expansion of performance.

Editor Review: iPad's birth, for the consumer electronics market once again bring the revolution, new wave, and even blaze a new trail, but the local part of the "fruit powder" also get first-hand through various channels of the iPad, to experience new products charm, but is still waiting for more friends.


Parallel version of Apple's prices fell again in 3980 yuan for sale ipad 16G

 Apple ipad is the highest technology brought together a tablet PC, then started selling frenzy is still sought after by consumers, sales rose steadily, today Xiaobian that ipad 16GB wifi edition offer for 3980 yuan, friends may wish to early adopters look.
The arrival of the wifi version of iPad size in appearance 242.8mm * 189.7mm * 13.4mm, weight 680 grams.  iPad with 9.7-inch multi-touch screen, LED backlight + IPS panel, resolution 1024 × 768.  iPad is the iPhone OS 3.2 running on the operating system to support Chinese.  Can run the iPhone software, users can also upgrade this summer to support multi-task 4.0 system.
Apple iPad tablet computer hardware also the biggest highlight is its CPU: Apple A4 processor, clocked at up to 1GHz, iPad tested running speed reached twice the iPhone 3Gs, very alarming. Also built-in lithium battery 25Whr super, normal use for 10 hours.  At present, the machine has to jailbreak, practicality has been greatly improved.
Edit Comment: Apple iPad is the most popular digital products, is undoubtedly the most impressive is the ultra-thin body and the supreme smooth operating experience.


iPhone story

iPhone by Apple (Apple, Inc.) CEO Steve Jobs in January 9, 2007 announced at Macworld, June 29, 2007 in the United States, the innovative mobile phones, can be iPod touch widescreen with desktop-class email, web browsing, search and map features a breakthrough Internet communications device perfect blend of these three products. the introduction of the iPhone based on large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, new user interface, allowing users to control with your fingers iPhone. iPhone has created a mobile device a new era of software power and sophistication to redefine the mobile phone functions.

iPhone is a combination of camera phones, personal digital assistants, media players and handheld wireless communications devices, from Apple (Apple, Inc.) CEO Steve Jobs in January 9th, 2007 at the Macworld announced, 2007 June 2

iPhone9 in the United States.iPhone is a standard 4-band GSM phone supporting EDGE and 802.11b / g wireless Internet access (iPhone3G support WCDMA Internet access), support for email, mobile phone, text messaging, Web browsing and other wireless communications services. iPhone has no keypad, but the introduction of innovative Multi-touch touch-screen interface, the interoperability with other brands of mobile phones compared to occupy a leading position.iPhone includes iPod media player, and mobile devices modified for Mac OS X operating system, and 200 megapixel camera. (Generation of 200 million) In addition, equipment with built-in sensor that can follow the users who use horizontal or vertical mode, automatically adjust the screen orientation. iPhone (4 generation) processor with 1GHz Apple A4.Mobile phone, widescreen iPod and Internet device ─ iPhone will be three functions rolled into one, through the Multi-Touch technology, finger tap to make calls, but also between applications easy. You can also copy and paste directly from the website text and picturesSMS and MMS messages sent directly via SMS and MMS text, photos, audio, video and contact information. You can also forward the entire conversation or one of the important part, Spotlight Search allows you searched in the same place in a variety of iPhone, including contacts, e-mail, calendar, and memos and so on. Anytime, anywhere with a voice memo to record and share your ideas, issues notes, meeting minutes or any recording.IPhone now has been used in China is very high, and many sites, so the store has a sale of iPhone accessories and machine for China's telecommunications industry has made tremendous contributions. But also solve many people's employment. iPhone is undoubtedly a very great product, and some even got "all-powerful iPhone" that slogan.

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