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Apple iPhone 4 82% Glass breakage

CNET Technology News International reported on October 14 under the warranty company to collect the information SquareTrade, Apple iPhone 4 cases of broken glass, 82%, much higher than the 3GS.

In the analysis of 20,000 cases of mobile phone repair iPhone 4 after, SquareTrade found the following:

The first 4 months, iPhone 4 damage to the screen the user rate of return higher than the 3GS, was 82%.

Overall, the accident rate of return, iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS higher than 68%.

IPhone 4 year 15.5% of users are expected to meet the situation.

Further analysis of the data with the words, SquareTrade found that 3.9% of four months using the iPhone 4 return broken glass, while only 2.1% 3GS users. Broken glass is a quarter back of the phone.

Overall it seems, iPhone 4 is more easily damaged than 3GS.



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