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IPhone 4 have 5,000 minimum daily broadcast market

Apple's iPhone 4 can be said that we are very concerned about a cell phone, had 4,999 yuan of the licensed is everyone's first choice, but due to supply shortages and rampant cattle because the party is not readily available. Friends would consider buying more JS to change the hands of the water machine, we will broadcast every day for everyone and the U.S. version of the popular Hong Kong version of the iPhone 4 the price, and simply analyze the price movements, so stay tuned.

IPhone 4 today Price: 5000 yuan (U.S. version, 16GB) 5800 yuan (U.S. version, 32GB) 5650 yuan (Hong Kong version, 16GB) 6450 yuan (Hong Kong version, 32GB) 6900 yuan (Hong Kong version of the white, 16GB) (prices from Guangzhou Snapshots Mobile offers)

iPhone 4 daily quotations (October 20, 2010)
Serial version of the price (yuan)
1 16GB, U.S. Edition 5000
2 32GB, U.S. Edition 5800
3 16GB, Hong Kong Edition 5650
4 32GB, Hong Kong Edition 6450
5 16GB, Hong Kong version (white) 6900

On the Hong Kong version of iPhone 4: in Hong Kong is selling Apple iPhone 4, the official reference price for the 4988 Hong Kong dollars, or about 4300 yuan or so, this quote is by some way into the mainland market, Hong Kong version of revised machine. Characteristics of the Hong Kong version is not network locked, the mainland's SIM can be used directly plug in, the difference between the functions and licensed small, mainly the Hong Kong version is not licensed then the standard service.
On the U.S. version iPhone 4: is Apple sold in the U.S. iPhone 4, U.S. version of the iPhone 4 are the U.S. carriers AT & T's bundle, a network of locks, to the mainland normal use must use software "unlock" relatively cumbersome to use, and therefore the price will usually be cheaper.
The colors on the iPhone 4: iPhone 4 currently on the market basically black, white version of the official did not sale, the market may come from the official White iPhone 4 leaked version, more likely to be shedding machine.
Although the mainstream has been listed, but also led to the current widespread shortage of water to change the iPhone 4 machines on the market price soared, the most expensive U.S. version of the current 5,000 yuan to be, you like the Hong Kong version is also high as 5,650 yuan, not to say a good deal, if you do not hurry, I suggest, etc. to buy.



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