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Apple's record fourth quarter net profit lower than expected sales iPad

Beginning at 2 am today, Apple earnings conference call held to announce the fourth quarter of this year, in fact as of September 25 of financial results. Apple reported revenue for the quarter reached 20.34 billion U.S. dollars, far beyond Wall Street analysts, given before the expected 188 billion, while net profit after tax was 43.1 billion U.S. dollars, breaking the record of Apple. IPhone sales boost the effectiveness of which was, iPhone has been the hot from the listing, sales reached 14.1 million, easily beating the previous quarter 8.4 million.

Listed in the June iPhone4 strong, profits are naturally boost Apple's performance. But their number far exceeds the other Apple products, quarterly show iPad only 4.19 million units sold, lower than market expectations of 500 million units before, which makes Apple's shares have tasted the taste of defeat.

Quarterly Bulletin, Apple's contribution to regional income distribution business is also a point of concern. Sales in the Americas is 72 billion dollars, 5.4 billion in Europe, in Asia and the Pacific is 29 million. Reflects what is it? Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer used the words, Apple plans to open 40-50 new stores next year, of which more than half outside the U.S., when the time for the number of its products is a challenge. But anyway, in such a relatively bleak economic times, Apple should be given a good report card was.



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