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Apple's latest operating system support. Chinese domain names

Apple's latest version of iOS 4.2 mobile operating system, has been embedded. "China" domain name. In the future, where the use of the operating system, iPad, iPhone 4 and all other Apple mobile devices, can support the use of Chinese Internet users. "China" visit to the site domain name.

It is reported that Apple plans to release iOS4.2 final version in November, including the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and other devices, including Apple users in the use of Safair browser, pop-up box can be selected in the domain name. "China" domain names, quickly and easily Login to access the site. If users log on through the iPhone 4 Sina, simply enter in the address bar "Sina", press ". Com" button, then select. "China", you can log on sina. The industry said that this was Apple's expansion in China, "Regional landing signal" and the expansion of consumer bedding....



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