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iPhone 4 color white version of the problem is not resolved

Although the iPhone 4 Everywhere can be set off craze, but there is indeed a part of consumers, particularly female consumers have been Chibidaigou, waiting for the arrival of the white version. A collection of many of the top technology of smart phones, not even a small delay can not get the color issue, it is somewhat justified.

Recently the media in a media conference held in New York to see peer-carrying white version of iPhone 4. At first they think it is sold on the network itself has been modified version of that model to get the black version of dismantling, the switch to the white version from the factory out of shell parts, assembled into a white machine. But the user himself, the aircraft actually from Apple within a "closed beta model."

White version of the iPhone 4 announced an extension at the beginning, generally adopted by the media because of the letter from the manufacturer in China in the manufacture of spare parts white version of iPhone 4 shell, the color of the glass had trouble dealing with, can not be accurately controlled coating thickness , the thickness of the light and assembly requirements difficult to achieve balance, and therefore has yet to deliver volume, resulting in the extension of the white version of iPhone 4.

But now the white version of the handheld models Niece who said that the white version of the current problems is the iPhone 4 color, white version of the supply of glass and plastic casing Home button samples although the two companies to come up with a white However, there is put together visible difference. As a character has always been a perfectionist, Apple certainly can not agree to such a product exists color production market.

Allegedly, this problem has not yet been solved, but recently has been reported that the arrival in the country later this month will offer iPhone 4-line white version, I hope this information is accurate the latter do.



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