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Long-delayed coverage of breaking the white iPhone 4 in New York in the evening back to single

I do not really want to completely own a white iPhone, but the promise of four white iPhone version has been so long, Äîfour months, calculate the delay, Äîthat like many others, I'm just plain curious at this point. We put a man on the moon, but Apple can not crank out a white iPhone? How to do?
Ah, some curious blog of New York at a recent tech event, as an added bonus Äîand some tips seem to see what is the mysterious ice white phone itself.
Palm - Lint Geek.com Stuart Miles and Sal Cangeloso that they manage, after spotting him in an anonymous way, "jacket wearing" the hands of the same news conference, a gentleman to get up close and in white individuals iPhone 4 They were to go.
After buying the "secret" picture (you can check out a slide here) series, blog, approached the man, who (according to Geek.com) are Apple employees, but not a "was able to call in a busy one. "(Something tells me that Steve Jobs will not be happy to hear this.)
Okay, so ... how is this going on? Picked up the story, pocket lint, said the man claimed that Apple's Apple Campus "swimming with white iPhone", but Apple's suppliers are trying to "match the parts used in the manufacture of white." Sick as a signal, a report claims , is the white button on the iPhone, 4 do not meet the front glass panel of the phone's color.
Apple iPhone 4
If this sounds familiar details, maybe you this idea, from July addiction, claiming (through the Chinese newspaper), the company and the production of glass, white iPhone task is "still working out the perfect combination of coating thickness and transparency "to meet Apple's standards" absolutely innocent. "
Apple, of course, has been vague white iPhone trouble, said in a statement in July, the phone is to delay the proof of "more challenging than we expected to create" and "will not available until later this year." Ah ... It is now mid-October, a year, as we know it is rapidly drawing to a close.
This does not mean Apple have to suffer so much, and if the white iPhone 4 日 missed self-imposed deadline. After all, Apple's stock just hit on Wednesday, AIA record of 300 dollars, in the "great success" iPad and iPhone (as one analyst told CNNMoney.com) Äîbased. No one expected Apple's revenues go anywhere, but called the next Monday in its quarterly results.
Nevertheless, the story of the missing white iPhone, Äîif, in fact, we provide relevant decision-making and improve the various parts of their match, Äîsays the color known as the obsession of Apple stuff is good or bad, the problem discussion.
As described in a recent Mac cult, must be read with the former Apple CEO John Sculley interview, the current chief Steve Jobs is the EXEC key, "said one, believe that in every step ... he is precise details, and everything related to orderly, carefully AIA perfect end. "
Guess the white iPhone extends to the main button color.
How do you see the perfect apple tendency to think: This is Apple's (denied) What is the secret of success? Or you can blame Apple style precedence over substance?



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