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Parallel version of Apple's prices fell again in 3980 yuan for sale ipad 16G

 Apple ipad is the highest technology brought together a tablet PC, then started selling frenzy is still sought after by consumers, sales rose steadily, today Xiaobian that ipad 16GB wifi edition offer for 3980 yuan, friends may wish to early adopters look.
The arrival of the wifi version of iPad size in appearance 242.8mm * 189.7mm * 13.4mm, weight 680 grams.  iPad with 9.7-inch multi-touch screen, LED backlight + IPS panel, resolution 1024 × 768.  iPad is the iPhone OS 3.2 running on the operating system to support Chinese.  Can run the iPhone software, users can also upgrade this summer to support multi-task 4.0 system.
Apple iPad tablet computer hardware also the biggest highlight is its CPU: Apple A4 processor, clocked at up to 1GHz, iPad tested running speed reached twice the iPhone 3Gs, very alarming. Also built-in lithium battery 25Whr super, normal use for 10 hours.  At present, the machine has to jailbreak, practicality has been greatly improved.
Edit Comment: Apple iPad is the most popular digital products, is undoubtedly the most impressive is the ultra-thin body and the supreme smooth operating experience.



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