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iPhone by Apple (Apple, Inc.) CEO Steve Jobs in January 9, 2007 announced at Macworld, June 29, 2007 in the United States, the innovative mobile phones, can be iPod touch widescreen with desktop-class email, web browsing, search and map features a breakthrough Internet communications device perfect blend of these three products. the introduction of the iPhone based on large multi-touch display and pioneering new software, new user interface, allowing users to control with your fingers iPhone. iPhone has created a mobile device a new era of software power and sophistication to redefine the mobile phone functions.

iPhone is a combination of camera phones, personal digital assistants, media players and handheld wireless communications devices, from Apple (Apple, Inc.) CEO Steve Jobs in January 9th, 2007 at the Macworld announced, 2007 June 2

iPhone9 in the United States.iPhone is a standard 4-band GSM phone supporting EDGE and 802.11b / g wireless Internet access (iPhone3G support WCDMA Internet access), support for email, mobile phone, text messaging, Web browsing and other wireless communications services. iPhone has no keypad, but the introduction of innovative Multi-touch touch-screen interface, the interoperability with other brands of mobile phones compared to occupy a leading position.iPhone includes iPod media player, and mobile devices modified for Mac OS X operating system, and 200 megapixel camera. (Generation of 200 million) In addition, equipment with built-in sensor that can follow the users who use horizontal or vertical mode, automatically adjust the screen orientation. iPhone (4 generation) processor with 1GHz Apple A4.Mobile phone, widescreen iPod and Internet device ─ iPhone will be three functions rolled into one, through the Multi-Touch technology, finger tap to make calls, but also between applications easy. You can also copy and paste directly from the website text and picturesSMS and MMS messages sent directly via SMS and MMS text, photos, audio, video and contact information. You can also forward the entire conversation or one of the important part, Spotlight Search allows you searched in the same place in a variety of iPhone, including contacts, e-mail, calendar, and memos and so on. Anytime, anywhere with a voice memo to record and share your ideas, issues notes, meeting minutes or any recording.IPhone now has been used in China is very high, and many sites, so the store has a sale of iPhone accessories and machine for China's telecommunications industry has made tremendous contributions. But also solve many people's employment. iPhone is undoubtedly a very great product, and some even got "all-powerful iPhone" that slogan.



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