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iPhone4 jailbreak Apple and hackers is the deal with the two empires

No. Just as people rush to buy iPhone4 crazy line up when the number of hackers are high-strength skills have not been idle. They are always waiting for the opportunity to find iPhone vulnerability. Hackers "break" is always the ever-increasing curiosity.

In iPhone4 just listed soon, ChronicDevTeam team on October 10 announced the development of an iPhone jailbreak software - Greenpois0n, referred to as: green poison. But the dramatic scene took place! Black (another well-known iPhone jailbreak software) in Greenpois0n Geohot release of the last critical moment out Tiguan! Geohot hardware found another loophole, and developed new tools Limera1n. And threatened to release the next day in the green toxic release.

The so-called "Prison Break", is open to the user's operating authority, allows the user has permissions to read and write system files. Only after successful jailbreak iphone file system is read-write (rw) status, you can install and run have not been officially certified third-party programs.

Of course, this probably violated some precepts of Apple, so Apple has taken immediate measures to remedy the situation. iPhone4 used in the release version of the system is iOS4.0, foreign crack lovers iPhone4 short time after the release of captured iOS4, followed by Apple's system was upgraded to the iOS, version 4.1, at present, whether parallel or licensed, currently used are equipped with iOS4.1 version of iPhone4.



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