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Apple iPhone 5 of 8 major points must know

According to foreign media reports, rumors that Apple's iPhone 5 (iPhone 5G) smart phones will become more light, running will also be more rapid.
Today, iPhone 4 has been a hit around the world, the curiosity of the outside world for the iPhone 5 will become more intense. Today, I was all summed up a number of rumors associated with the iPhone 5, as follows:
# 1, iPhone 5's release date is summer
In accordance with Apple's practice, the company is in the end of June or early July release outside of the new iPhone models. So, iPhone 5 release date is likely to be set at the end of June or early July.
# 2, iPhone 5 release date may be earlier
News from the iLounge website, the existence of smart phones iPhone 4 antenna problems, Apple iPhone 5 smart phone will be ahead of the release date is likely to be scheduled for January 2011.
# 3, iPhone 5 specification is likely to include a digital wallet
All kinds of speculation that Apple will likely add in the iPhone 5 short distance wireless communication (NFC) technology, it becomes a debit / credit card.
However, Techeye.net website, Apple has been studied earlier Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, but did not succeed. Seen in this light, iPhone 5 will be included in the digital wallet function is not yet known.# 4, Apple is likely to launch Verizon version of iPhone 5
For a long time, the outside world has been widely rumored that Apple will introduce a Verizon version of iPhone smartphones, and now the rumor is about to become reality.
Sources said Apple is likely to be used in the iPhone 5 Qualcomm chipset, while the U.S. high-General is responsible for the Verizon and Sprint's CDMA network.
Although Apple has yet to determine whether Verizon will launch a version of the iPhone 5 smart phone, but Slashgear called dual-mode chip set will make the iPhone 5 of the more friendly on the Verizon network.
# 5, iPhone 5 specifications will be similar with the iPhone 4
News from China Economic Daily said, iPhone 5 baseband chipset supplier Infineon changed by the high pass, but its size and similar to iPhone 4.
# 6, iPhone 5 specification will evolve, but not revolutionary
Outside users are expected, iPhone 5 of the basic specifications will be a qualitative leap: more memory, faster processors, more storage space. According to DVICE internal quotation shows, iPhone 5 will be equipped with a new antenna, a 1.2GHZ processor, a larger screen (increased from the 3.5-inch to 3.7 inches).
# 7, iPhone 5 LTE specifications will include support
Outside analysts believe that Apple's iPhone 5 will be added to support LTE, which is a very high-speed mobile broadband support, which will make the iPhone 5 to become Apple's first 4G mobile phones. AT & T in accordance with the plan, the company will launch LTE services in 2011.
Currently, HTC's Evo phone in the United States has taken the lead successful use of the 4G mobile broadband.
# 8, iPhone 5 will not change the price
If the iPhone 5 iPhone 4 has a more revolutionary change (as is the iPhone 3GS, as compared with iPhone 3), then its price is likely to be floating, but the fact is clearly not the case. Outside analysts believe that Apple's iPhone 5 smart phone with the iPhone 4 will be unchanged, but due to the impact of floating value-added tax, the iPhone 5 UK price is likely to rise.



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